Terms of Use

Accessing Wrble Services

Go gently. We are not Google or Microsoft. We have limits to the amount of resources we have to create this democratizing service. Please respect this public good and don't abuse our system by overuse or misuse.

We will blacklist you and curse your name if you don't.

Respecting Rate-limits

Any bypassing of posted rate-limits is strictly prohibited and may result in blacklisting.

While rate-limits are posted on a per-IP basis, we reserve the right to enforce a per-individual or per-organization limit if rate-limits are bypassed by using a wide range of IP addresses or other means.

Legality of Use

It's our responsibility to ensure that our service respects the laws in the regions we operate. It's your responsibility to ensure your usage respects the laws in the regions you use Wrble. By using Wrble you affirm that you're following all of these laws and indemnify Wrble from your particular usage that may violate any laws.